Payment for good !

Less costs, less friction, more sales.
DeluPay is the new mobile payment experience for retail and e-commerce

Why DeluPay Pro?

Simple, smooth, secure and inexpensive:
payment as it should be.

Lowest fees on the market

We commit to dividing your current processing fees by 2. Our fees are capped at 0.5% for retail and 1% for e-commerce.

A unique payment experience

Streamline your customers' checkout experience and pay with a single click on the web. It's quick and easy.

Zero fixed costs

No fixed fee per transaction, no subscription, no equipment needed. You only pay when you cash in, and it's always at least half your current fees.


No card numbers to hack, strong authentication for every payment, no data leaves the European Union.

Frictionless payment

DeluPay Pro takes all the friction out of your online payment journeys while improving security.

DeluPay supports your growth

Lowest fees on the market, free registration in 10 minutes, no subscription or equipment required. No fees on sales under €2.

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Are you still wondering

I'm a small retailer. What do I gain by accepting DeluPay?
At least half the price of the card. That's right. Half the price.

DeluPay's commission on transactions is calculated from what you currently pay for cards. We simply halve this commission.

We don't charge fixed fees or minimum commissions per purchase. What if you cash in less than €2? Good news: for transactions under €2 there's no commission at all. It's our way of helping small businesses.

There's no equipment to rent or buy.

There's no subscription either.

Looking for the catch? There isn't one!

Try it and see.

Still not sure? We can put you in touch with retailers who are already using the solution.
How do I manage reimbursements?
Easy, you have the list of transactions on your app, you can redeem directly from the list. No more merchant cards that can be used to send money to any card and that you can only leave to your trusted employees!
My customers don't know about DeluPay. How long does it take for a customer to register with DeluPay?
Five minutes, but he needs his ID and a quiet place to do the checks we're required by law to do. So it's not a good idea to ask him to do it while he's shopping. Tell your regular customers about DeluPay, and they'll use it next time. And don't forget to tell them that DeluPay is French and environmentally friendly! And if it's money they're interested in, there's five euros free to spend for all new registrants. Every payment you make with DeluPay saves you money!
And if I'm an online seller, what do I do?
Include DeluPay among the payment methods you accept. You can tell your customers about DeluPay in your newsletter, in order confirmation emails... Above all, don't disrupt your usual purchasing process - we're here to remove friction, not create it!
I sell luxury goods. Can I cash in large amounts with DeluPay?
No problem at all. DeluPay's payment limit depends on your customer's income. If they can afford to buy from you, they'll be able to pay with DeluPay. No arbitrary ceilings with us!
I own a physical business. How can I accept DeluPay payments?
Download the DeluPay Pro application and start recording. You can be ready to cash in with your smartphone in less than 24 hours! And if you need any help, our customer service team is there for you!

And if you have a BiMedia cash register, DeluPay is integrated right into your cash register!
I own an online business. How can I accept DeluPay payments?
We have plug-ins for Magento, PrestaShop and WooCommerce. In most cases, you can be up and running in less than 24 hours.

If not, call us anyway - we've got solutions!
What makes your company different from others?
We're here to change the world for real. Don't believe us, just wait and see.
Can I use NFC to pay with DeluPay at any merchant's payment terminal?
DeluPay is not a bank card! NFC payments with DeluPay can only be made using a secure DeluPay NFC tag, which reads nothing on your phone. Talk to your shopkeepers about DeluPay, and you'll not only save them money, but also help the planet!
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